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The Best Whisky Review Websites

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Here's our view on the best whisky review websites to visit to read about that gold liquid in your glass!

All of these have no pay wall, so you can browse and view reviews for free. You may need to login in order to view full content on some of these websites.

Whisky review websites - the shortlist


Almost every bottle ever released seems to find it's way on Whiskybase. It is truly a comprehensive online whisky database that provides detailed information about whiskies from around the world. The website allows users to search for whiskies by brand, distillery, region, age, and other parameters. People can create an account, and then you can also add your own tasting notes and ratings of whiskies, and keep a track of your closed and open bottles. If you do track your bottles, you will get an indication of value as well. These features make Whiskybase accessible and valuable resource to novices and experienced whisky enthusiasts alike. The website also features a marketplace where users can buy and sell whiskies, as well as a forum where members can discuss whisky-related topics.

Whiskybase - Great for reviews of all whisky! Quality is mixed. Look for reviews from more experienced reviewers.


Serge & Angus have reviewed over 18,000 whiskies from around the world on Whiskyfun in total, and thousands of other spirits to boot! These short easy to read reviews share tasting notes and thoughts with a score out of 100. It's a good place to check before buying a bottle from auction, or to get an indication of vintages from distilleries. In addition to whisky reviews, Whiskyfun also offers articles on distilleries, production methods, and the history and culture of whisky. Whiskyfun features a forum where members can discuss whisky-related topics and share their own tasting notes and ratings of whiskies. We love the distillery summary where you can get common tasting notes on the distillery, giving a profile of what to expect.

Whiskyfun - Focuses on single malt whisky.

Malt Musings

Brian, aka Malt Musings, has built up a large blog website with over 1,600 whisky reviews from drams from all around the world. This blog gives a lot of detail on the processes used in the making of the whisky, and digs deeper than just the tasting notes and opinions. A great one for people seeking to learn more about the distillery, casks, or distillation processes used. A big feature of this website is the large archive of Blind Drams, where a group of 28 people reviews 5 whiskies each month blind, giving excellent insight with the blur of branding, or preconceptions.

Malt Musings - detailed and thoughtful reviews and insight into over 1,600 whiskies.

The Dramble

The Dramble is a thoughtful blog, with detailed tasting notes and insights into whisky, usually combined with discussion on a topic Matt is keen to write about. Bottles are scored out of 100, and there is a handy index to find bottle reviews by distillery.

The Dramble - lengthy in-depth reviews which really get into the whisky, which is predominantly Scotch.


A community focused whisky website that provides whisky reviews and other whiskey-related content. People submit reviews under either their Dramface, or their real name, allowing people to use the anonymity to be really honest in their scoring and thoughts. All reviews usually discuss another topic as well, making the posts more engaging. This means you can skip to the whiskies summary and score (which is out of 10), or enjoy a longer read with a cuppa.

Dramface - Mainly reviews Scotch and Single Malt.

Two Whisky Brothers

Alan and Daniel Scott, are indeed brothers, who enjoy doing whisky reviews. The review database is growing fast and they have their own 1 to 10 scoring scale, where 7 is a decent score. This website often reviews the latest outturn from SMWS (Scotch Malt Whisky Society.)

Two Whisky Brothers - Mainly reviews Scotch and Single Malt.

The Whiskey Reviewer

A website that provides well organised and indexed whisky reviews with over 1,200 reviews. The website covers a broad range of whiskey styles, including Scotch, Irish, American, and Japanese whiskeys, as well as other spirits such as bourbon and rye. Reviews do not have scores, but give a synopsis of the tasting notes and thoughts overall and an indication of cost for the bottle. There is a recipes section, with ideas about using whisky in cooking! The site also offers opinions on recent events and a 101 of whisky. Overall, a resource website that has reviews within.

The Whiskey Reviewer - Useful for reviews of all whisky


A wide ranging spirits online resource, which includes whiskey enthusiasts, offering reviews, ratings, and information on various types of whiskey. The website encourages people to submit scores for bottles out of 5, so there is a critical mass of data on bottles. Something like Lagavulin 16 has over 10,000 reviews from people and gives key information in an easy to review format, including cask type, ABV, age and summary. Also now an app. One of the most comprehensive resources for aggregated whisky scores and the number of bottles reviewed.

Distiller - Wide ranging reviews including all types of whiskey.

Malt Review

Malt Review, is an independent review site, partly funded by patrons, run by a team of editors. Malt Review relies on both core writers, and a wider writing community, to build up a large catalog of whisky and spirit reviews from all around the world. Writers are encouraged to have their own styles and engage with current topics. Malt Review has it's own out of 10 scoring system.

Malt Review - reviews whisky and whiskey from everywhere, but do specialize in bourbon.

The Whiskey Chaps

A blog-style website that features whiskey reviews, helpful guides and resources for whisky fans! The site's writers are self-proclaimed "whiskey chaps" who are passionate about the world of whiskey, and have documented all their tasting notes in an archive. The site offers reviews of a wide range of whiskey styles from around the world, from popular brands to lesser-known craft distilleries. You can also check out the top 10 whiskies under £50 or the distillery and retailer maps.

The Whiskey Chaps - Helpful for reviews of all whisky with a lot of social media involvement.

Whisky Advocate

An American online magazine and resource for whisky enthusiasts. The website features over 6,000 reviews with a filter to find the whiskies you are searching for. All bottles have a summary, key info and a score out of 100, which is driven by the editors of the site. People can search for whiskies by category, region, and price, and also find recommendations for new whiskies to try. In addition to whisky reviews, Whisky Advocate also covers whisky-related news and events, with a whisky 101 of it's own and a section on whisky cocktails.

Whisky Advocate - Light touch reviews scored by the magazine.

Whisky Pad

A labor of love from Andrew, Whisky Pad, has a catalog of reviews, plus comparisons between whisky bottles, such as old versus new, or a distillery 12 year old versus the 15. There is also a library of handy whisky knowledge including info on yeast, barley and maturation and cask types. Each whisky review scores the dram out of 10 and gives details on the bottle, nose, palate, then concludes and gives a three word review as well, in case you're in a hurry. Check it out.

Whisky Pad - well formatted, easy to read reviews and comparisons.


That was our summary of the best whisky review website! Got a whisky review site we have missed, or you think we should add, then contact us and let us know.

These are just the honest thoughts of our Honest to a Malt whisky podcast hosts Mike & Duncan.

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