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Whisky Milkshake Recipes: Shake Things Up

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry – they've all had their time in the spotlight, but what happens when whisky crashes the milkshake party? It's time to shake things up!

Mike & Duncan, the hosts of Honest to a Malt podcast, roll up their sleeves and get their 'whisky milkshake' on. Whether you're a whisky aficionado looking for a sweet twist, or a milkshake enthusiast ready to take things to the next level, these whisky milkshake recipes are bound to tickle your taste buds. Recipes that are perfect for entertaining friends, a treat whilst relaxing on the sofa, or as a desert after eating lunch, tea or dinner.

Listen to our podcast episode: Whisky Milkshakes Are The Answer whilst you make yours!

Base Whisky Milkshake Recipe

Make any milkshake generally with 1 cup of ice cream to a 1/4 cup of milk and blend in a blender, or shake frantically in a protein shake bottle. To adjust for whisky, use slightly less milk for the amount of whisky used. You can also use more ice cream, which will make it thicker. Add either 25 to 50ml depending on the how strong you want the whisky milkshake to be. Then just go up or down in that ratio depending on how much you are making. We recommend blending it and then checking the consistency.

Let's start with the classic shake, then move onto some more exciting recipes!

Classic Whisky Vanilla Shake

Let's start with the basics: a classic vanilla milkshake with a whisky upgrade. It's the little black dress of whisky milkshakes – timeless, elegant, and with just the right amount of sass.

  • 1 cup vanilla ice cream

  • 1/4 cup milk

  • 25 ml to 50 ml of your favorite whisky

  • A dollop of whipped cream and a cherry for garnish

Blend the ice cream, milk, and whisky until smooth. Pour into a chilled glass, and top with whipped cream and a cherry. Whether you're a true Scot or just faking the accent, this milkshake's bound to hit the spot.

Sweet, Salty & Smoky

Using something like this Talisker X Parley, which is from cognac casks, brings the smoke, peat and coastal saltiness, with dried raisins, then put that with the sweet salty caramel ice cream. We rated this one a 9/10.

  • 1 cup of salted caramel ice cream

  • 1/4 cup of blue top milk

  • 25 to 50 ml of Talisker X Parley or another similar highlands or Islay Scottish peated whisky.

Vanilla & Peat Thyme

This one is a bit whacky and works well with food. It is sweet, savoury and sour, pairing the vanilla with the lemon rind for some sourness, finely chopped thyme giving it a slight floral and herbal note, salt and Laphroaig single malt whisky, with it's medicinal, seaweed, peat and salt. Something different to try.

  • 1 cup of vanilla ice cream

  • 1/4 cup of blue top milk

  • Lemon rind

  • Sprinkle salt

  • Sprinkle of finely chopped thyme

  • 25 to 50 ml of Laphroaig or another similar Islay Scottish peated whisky.

Sweet! That'll Be The Biscoff

I fancied a straight up sweet whisky milkshake, so I went 50:50 on vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with a tea spoon of Biscoff spread to give it a sweet peanut note, and a strong bourbon to give that caramel, vanilla and oak kick. A 10/10 for those with a sweet tooth.

  • 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream

  • 1/2 cup of chocolate ice cream

  • 1/4 cup of blue top milk

  • Tea spoon of Biscoff smooth spread

  • 25 to 50 ml of Bookers or another strong bourbon.

Spiced Avocado Nut!

Is this one even a milkshake? Some say it could be a smoothie. This combines a very fruity, sightly spicy blended malt, with vanilla and toffee notes, with the sweet vanilla ice cream, the smooth sweet and nutty avocado, with the earthy, sweet and spicy paprika and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. This one would work well with vodka as well, or brandy.

  • 1 cup of vanilla ice cream

  • 1/4 cup of blue top milk

  • half an avocado

  • Sprinkle of paprika

  • Sprinkle of salt and pepper

  • 25 to 50 ml of Malt Riot or another blended malt.

Malt-Tease Shake

An absolute banger of a whisky milkshake. Bringing together Eagle 10 Rare with toffee, orange peel, herbs, honey, leather and oak, with the smooth sweet vanilla ice cream and biscuity milk chocolate of the Malteasters. Magnificent! We rated this one a 10/10.

  • 1 cup of vanilla ice cream

  • 1/4 cup of blue top milk

  • Handful of Malteasers

  • 25 to 50 ml of Eagle 10 Rare Bourbon Whiskey or another similar bourbon, that is 45% abv or over.

Berry Whisky Blast: Fruity and Fearless

In this audacious concoction, whisky meets its match with the tangy flavor of berries. Because why should berries be limited to just yogurt and cereal?

  • 1 cup mixed berry ice cream

  • 1/4 cup milk

  • 25 ml to 50 ml of a speyside whisky, like Glen Moray Classic

  • Fresh berries for garnish

Throw the ice cream, milk, and whisky into the blender like you're conducting a symphony. Once it's smoother than a jazz solo, pour it into a glass and garnish with fresh berries. No spoons needed – just laughter, berries, and undiluted joy.

Irish Coffee Milkshake Madness

For the days when coffee just isn't enough to get you going, here's the Irish coffee milkshake to jump-start your spirits (quite literally).

  • 1 cup of coffee ice cream

  • 1/4 cup milk

  • 25 ml to 50 ml Irish whisky

  • Whipped cream and a sprinkle of coffee grounds to pretend it's still about the coffee

Throw everything into the blender with the enthusiasm of a leprechaun finding gold. The result is a frothy coffee-whisky concoction that might just replace your morning cuppa.

Shake things up! We won't hear the 'booze'. Drink through the puns people.

There you have it – a list of the best whisky milkshakes that are sure to cause a commotion next time you're in charge of dessert, or just fancy a treat.. Just remember, with great whisky comes great responsibility, so blend wisely, serve generously, and enjoy heartily. Cheers to shaking it up.

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