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Bimber Santa’s Edition 2023 - Fanzone Time. Review!

Updated: Jan 30

Bimber distillery were kind enough to send a sample of the Bimber Santa's Edition 2023, plus a shiny new Bimber glass. They arrived just after Christmas, so into dry January for me, hence the delay. This is a review of a gifted whisky sample, in a Bimber glass of my own, but with one freebie glass tucked away safely in the cupboard. I am a Bimber Klub member, as is Mike, who is also a founding member. Thus be fully aware, that these are tasting notes and views from folks who are wearing rose tinted Bimber glasses.

Bottled in December 2023 at 52.1% this special edition Bimber Santa Edition 2023 bottling was from an ex-cognac cask, which produced 570 bottles. It is obviously sold out, and so this review is merely a tease of what we could have had. A reminder that it is worth chasing some Bimber single cask releases, because you probably do need them in your (drinking cabinets) life.

Review of Bimber Santa Edition 2023

Duncan's notes

Nose. Very warming, with vanilla, oak and biscuits. There seems to be a lot going on. I'm sure I get fig jam, cinnamon and fusty grapes. Fresh green grapes too for that matter. Toffee penny sweets, red apples and yum, marshmallows. I'm sure I detect strawberry laces, then they go. Caramel runs throughout and there is some tartness, perhaps sweet balsamic vinegar, but mild.

Palate. Sweet, fresh initially as wood spice grows. Faint liquorice, sweet not bitter, green grapes, crumbly buttery cooked biscuit topping, pecan nuts and more caramel. I find a hint of raisins, and I'm ok with it.

Finish. The palate dries to the end, with dried fruit, grapes, oak spice and more buttery crumble.

As with the amount written, it is a dram which excels in the nose, bringing more sniffs than you can work out. The ex-cognac cask has given it a lot of character. The palate is very enjoyable and the finish, whilst short, and slightly drying, then becomes again juicier as grapes come to the fore. I would have loved a bottle.

Bimber Santa Edition 2023 ex-cognac single cask
Bimber Santa Edition 2023 ex-cognac single cask 570 bottles

Mike's notes

Summary. I drunk it over Christmas, and it was tasty. December feels like an eternity ago. As Duncan's dad would say it was "very nice".

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