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Honest to a Malt - Whisky Podcast & Blog

We're honest to a fault and honest about malt. This is a no holds barred entertaining whisky podcast. Hosted by two gents who love whiskey from around the world, and especially from malts Scotland. Mike and Duncan hold their hands up to being a bit nerdy, so some knowledge will be shared, however, the pod is about everything that surrounds their favourite hobby.


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Mike & Duncan - Hosts of Podcast Honest to a Malt

Listeners have their say!


"A fun episode guys. Can relate to all of it, although a whisky fridge is a new one for me!"


"The @HonestToAMalt

podcast.....Its as if Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish did a whisky podcast!"

“Just finished listening to this podcast & I’d strongly recommend giving it a listen. These guys are funny & give great ideas for new bottles to try!”

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We design whisky t-shirts

The HTAM Blog

An entertaining 
podcast fueled by whisky

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"Just listened. Guys, you have great format. It's honestly like listening in on all the familiar whisky chats you have with #whiskyfriends"


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